PeopleMaps personality profiling goes online

Delivering on-line psychometric assessments to jobseekers a new partnership offers the world’s first commercial, end-user focused, on-line personality profiling service.

The new PeopleMaps service at www.alljobsuk.com offers jobseekers the chance to access the same information that is gained by potential employers from psychometric assessments for themselves, empowering them to make more reasoned decisions on their career choices and to perform effectively at job interviews.

“With the increasing use of psychometric testing by employers we saw the significance and benefit of PeopleMaps to jobseekers straight away,” said CEO AllJobsUK.com Stephen O’Donnell.

“We don’t advertise individual jobs, we help jobseekers to find the right resources to get the best jobs where they want them. Extending our service to actually help them get through the interview stage is obviously very appealing to us.”

Visitors to the website complete a short questionnaire and receive a full report on their primary personality traits, their personal strengths and weaknesses, their ideal working environment and a list of interview questions that they may have difficulty in answering as a result of their personality type.

Users also receive advice on how to use the information in the report to help them choose the right job and to be successful at the interview stage.

Completed in 15 minutes, the process takes a fraction of the time of a traditional paper based assessment. (SP)

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