nevada tele.com ‘logs’ on to eco energy

Leading business telecommunications and Internet provider nevada tele.com have become Northern Ireland’s first ‘e-nvironmentally’ friendly telecoms and internet company by logging onto green electricity, Eco Energy.

Most electricity is made from fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), which may have a damaging effect on the environment by contributing to climate change. However, NIE offers customers the choice to opt for Eco Energy, which is an alternative source of green electricity, supplied from non-polluting and renewable energy sources, such as wind power.

Leslie Harris, CEO, nevada tele.com said: “Our job at nevada is to provide leading edge e-solutions for businesses globally. Our business drive is focused on the e-business revolution but we also recognise the very real need to be a socially responsible company and to ‘do our bit’ for an environmentally sustainable future.

“We hope our lead within the telecoms and Internet market will encourage others to adopt a more environmentally aware attitude towards how their activities can impact on our environment.”

Congratulating nevada tele.com on their green credentials, NIE’s Environmental Services Manager, Andy McCrea said: “As the telecoms and Internet market leader in Northern Ireland, we commend nevada tele.com for adopting a responsible attitude and making the very best energy choice for the environment.

“Switching to Eco Energy can help stop dangerous climate change. It’s a commitment on their part, not only to our environment and renewable energy, but also to people and business here in Northern Ireland.” (MB)

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