Sean Quinn Jnr Loses Court Appeal

Sean Quinn Jnr has lost an appeal against his conviction and prison sentence for contempt of court.

The son of Fermanagh businessman Sean Quinn was jailed in July following a decision that he had breached a court order ordering him not to interfere with Quinn International Property Group assets.

Quinn Jnr was found guilty by a Dublin judge in July when he, his father and cousin Peter Darragh Quinn were charged with putting millions of pounds worth of international property beyond bailed-out Anglo Irish Bank's reach.

The bank was bailed out by Irish taxpayers and is now operating via the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC).

Sean Quinn Senior avoided a jail sentence and Peter Darragh Quinn failed to turn up to court for sentencing. He remains in Northern Ireland, although an Irish warrant for his arrest has been issued.

Sean Quinn Jnr was jailed for an initial three-month period, but this sentence could have been extended if he had failed to comply with court orders.

IBRC says the Quinns owe it £2bn. It is currently attempting to recover the money from their property assets on behalf of Irish taxpayers.

The Quinns did admit to moving assets beyond the reach of IBRC, but they claim they did not breach the court order because they took no further action following the High Court injunction issued on 27 June 2011.

Sean Quinn was once the richest man in Ireland and the 12th richest man in the UK. The family controlled businesses worth billions of pounds and employed thousands of people.


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01 November 2012
Quinns Due Back In Court
Sean Quinn and his son are due back in a Dublin court later as the inquiry continues as to whether or not the former billionaires have complied with court orders. Sean Quinn was once the richest man in Ireland, but declared himself bankrupt last year.
02 November 2012
Sean Quinn Jailed For 9 Weeks
Sean Quinn has been sentenced to nine weeks in jail for contempt of court. The sentencing sees the culmination of a high-profile legal battle between the Quinns and bailed-out bank Anglo Irish over claims of asset-stripping by the former billionaire. Sentencing at Dublin High Court is expected to occur at 13:00.
03 January 2013
Sean Quinn Released From Prison
Businessman Sean Quinn Snr has been released from prison after serving his sentence for contempt of court. The 66-year-old served nine weeks in Mountjoy Prison in Dublin. He had been released temporarily to spend Christmas with his family in Ballyconnell, County Cavan.
05 November 2012
Protesters Support Jailed Sean Quinn
A protest blockade in support of Sean Quinn is taking place in Derrylin in County Fermanagh. Campaigners have demanded the jailed billionaire be released. Tractors are thought to be blocking a road, while it has also been reported a lorry is parked across the entrance to the Quinn Glass factory.
19 October 2012
Quinns Due Back In Court
Sean Quinn, his son Sean Jnr and nephew Peter Darragh are due back at the High Court in Dublin today. The three men face a further hearing regarding the decision in July that they breached a court order by asset stripping.