NI Tops UK Worries Poll For Money And Families

People in the Northern Ireland are more concerned about money than anywhere else in the country according to Samaritans' annual worries survey 2012.

An exclusive YouGov poll for Samaritans shows that 66 per cent of Northern Irish people placed worries about money in their top five, and 17 per cent above the UK average. Last year’s figure was 49 per cent, one per cent below the average.

Northern Ireland also has the highest level of those most concerned about housing, rent and mortgage issues - at 22 per cent, up four per cent on 2011. The UK average is 14 per cent.

Northern Irish People recorded the lowest score in the UK for those who felt that 2012 was a good year or the best year ever, at 14 per cent, down five per cent on last year. The national average was 22 per cent.

Family life in Northern Ireland also seems to be under pressure, recording the highest figure in the country for those most worried about family, friends and relationships at 48 per cent. This is a full 10 per cent higher than the UK average and six per cent higher than 2011.

A new question, asking how people deal with their worries, found that just 27 per cent of those who had worries in 2012 would choose to talk about their problems, the lowest figure in the UK, while 28 per cent preferred just to "grin and bear it".

A further 33 per cent would have a social drink, while 21 per cent would rely on prescription drugs, the highest figure in the UK. Recreational drugs would be the choice of 6 per cent, again the highest figure in the country.

Reliance on religious and spiritual beliefs is far higher in Northern Ireland than anywhere else in the UK at 22 per cent. The UK average was just nine per cent.

Paul Wilson, Samaritans Northern Ireland, said: "Northern Ireland has the highest levels of worries over money and families, but the lowest numbers of people who talk about their problems, which is a concern. Sometimes it can be difficult to turn to friends and family, but it can help to see your situation in a different light and find a way forward."


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