Security Alert In L'Derry Ends

A security alert in L'Derry has ended following the attempted murder of a police officer on Wednesday, 22 February.

A bomb fell from under the officer's car outside his house in the Culmore area.

The device exploded as army bomb disposal experts were working on it at the scene.

No-one was injured and the police have launched an investigation.

Residents have since returned to their homes.

Detective Chief Inspector Michael Harvey said: "The investigation is still at an early stage but I can confirm that the device was an Under Vehicle Improvised Explosive Device (UVIED). These are designed to kill and seriously injure people so I want to be absolutely clear that this device would have had devastating consequences if it had exploded with our colleague and his family in the car.

"The violent dissident republicans who carried out this attack intended to kill him. They didn’t care that his children or partner could also have been in the vehicle with him.

"He is not just a police officer in a uniform – he is also a father, a brother and a devoted family man who puts on his uniform every day to serve the local community that he is a part of.
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"It was extremely lucky that no-one was hurt and reinforces the fact that this small group of people have no regard for the safety of the local community or indeed the wishes of the vast majority of local people who want to live in a safe and peaceful society."

Alliance Policing Board representative Stephen Farry said: "This was a disgusting attack made by people who have nothing to offer the community. The PSNI is there to protect everyone in the community but those responsible for the attack in Derry in particular have attempted to murder a police officer.

"Anyone with information on this disgraceful assault on the rule of law should bring it to the PSNI immediately."

Ulster Unionist Foyle candidate, Julia Kee, said: "Whoever planted the device under a car outside the home of a police officer in Ardanlee, Culmore, was not only trying to kill that officer, they were also sending a message to the wider community in a bid to create a climate of fear.

"The people of Londonderry are no different to anyone else in Northern Ireland. They want to live and bring up their families in peace. They are concerned about jobs, family finances, education for their children and their health service.  

"They also want to be policed by the PSNI and not be intimidated or threatened by self-appointed gangs of armed thugs. Northern Ireland has moved on and the days of physical force republicanism must also be consigned to the past.

"I appeal to the entire community to give unequivocal support to the Police and to give them every assistance in tackling the armed groups that are trying to hold this city back. We all deserve better."


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