O'Neill Calls On DUP To Put Interest Of People Before Party

Sinn Féin leader Michelle O'Neill has called on the DUP to put the interest of the people before party in relation to Brexit.

On Saturday, DUP leader Arlene Foster made a speech at a Brexit-focused Killarney Economic Conference in Co Kerry.

The Democratic Unionist leader called for closer Anglo-Irish relations, urging leaders across the island to work together for their mutual benefit as the UK continues the process of leaving the European Union.

In response, Mrs O'Neill said she welcomed the acknowledgement that the economy, community, and future of both the North and South of Ireland are "interlinked and interdependent".

"However, this cannot distract from the fact that Brexit will be disastrous for all of Ireland," she said.

"There is no good Brexit. Today (13 January) was a difference in tone, but not in policy.
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"The DUP leader has said she is opposed to a hard border and open to novel solutions. What is required is for the cross-community vote in the north to be respected and for the North to have designated special status within the EU. We cannot withstand exclusion from the single market or customs union.

That is the position of the majority in the North and the position of the Dáil. That is the way forward. Words alone will not stop the damage of Brexit. Sinn Féin is open to working with all parties to secure the future for which the people voted for; that is a future in Europe, with the rights of citizens respected and our economy protected.

"The DUP need to put the interests of all our people before party, and set aside the Brexit blank cheque they issued to the Tories as part of their supply and confidence agreement."


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