UK PM Urged To Reform NI Abortion Law

The UK Prime Minister has been issued "a feminist test" amid calls to reform Northern Ireland's abortion law.

Labour Shadow Attorney General, Shami Chakrabarti, made the call writing for the Daily Mirror.

She said: "Women in Northern Ireland have been let down by privileged women and men for too long, the 'democratic right' here is the right of women to make difficult ethical decisions about their bodies for themselves.
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"No woman should be forced to leave her family for an abortion after rape or incest and to be criminalised on return.

"This is a feminist test."

A number of politicians, including members of Ms May's own party, have called for reform of NI's strict laws, after Ireland's historic 'Repeal The 8th' referendum was passed in what has been described as a "landslide victory".

Current law in NI means that abortion is only allowed if a woman's life is at risk or there is a permanent or serious risk to her mental or physical health, which is different to the rest of the UK.


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