Prime Minister Accused Of 'Failing Women' In NI

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been accused of "failing women" amid calls to gives MPs the opportunity to liberalise Northern Ireland's abortion laws.

Mrs May has faced increasing pressure in Westminster to intervene and take action on NI's restrictive abortion laws, which remain different to legislation across the rest of the UK.

Making the call, Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Tony Lloyd accused Mrs May of "failing women with every day of inaction".

Mr Lloyd said: "An immediate action the Prime Minister should take is to meet with all Northern Ireland political parties and agree legislation on this issue, and then bring this to the House of Commons as a matter of urgency.
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"Abortion must be decriminalised and a human rights compliant framework for access put in place. Nothing else will suffice.

"We must listen to women and the organisations working with them on the need for change and then fulfil our duty to deliver this."

Grainne Teggart, Amnesty International's campaigns manager for Northern Ireland, said: "Nothing but an apparent lack of will is preventing Theresa May from doing this.

"It's hugely insulting and negligent to women to continue to hide behind devolution as justification for the denial of healthcare that women in the rest of the UK can take for granted.

"It is time the Prime Minister listened to women's experiences and witnessed the harsh reality of a near total ban on abortion."

Women affected by NI's current abortion laws are due to appear in the Commons today, Tuesday 03 July, to meet with MPs on the issue.


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Pro-Life Rally Held In Belfast
A pro-life rally was held in Belfast city centre on Saturday, in protest over proposed changes to abortion laws in Northern Ireland. Protestors marched from Custom House Square to City Hall and back. Organisers of the event claim that "thousands" of people turned out in support of the rally.
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