Sinn Féin Earn More Than Double Any Other NI Political Party

Sinn Féin earned almost as much as Northern Ireland's other main political parties combined in 2017, according to the latest figures releases by the Electoral Commission(EC).

The EC has published the financial accounts of political parties in Northern Ireland, with income or expenditure of more than £250,000,

Four parties in Northern Ireland reported having gross income or total expenditure of more than £250,000 in 2017. In total, these parties reported £2,337,000 income and £2,507,000 expenditure.

In 2017, Sinn Féin earned £1,009,000 and spent £1,139,000, compared to:

DUP: £510,000 earnings and £461,000 expenditure

UUP: £458,000 earnings and £552,000 expenditure

Alliance: £360,000 earnings and £355,000 expenditure
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Political parties may register 'accounting units' with the Electoral Commission. These are constituent or affiliated units of a political party, including constituency parties, which have separate finances from the main party. No accounting units in Northern Ireland reported income or expenditure of more than £250,000.

Last month the Commission published the financial accounts of parties and accounting units with income and expenditure of £250,000 or less.

The deadline for parties and their accounting units with income or expenditure of more than £250,000 to submit their audited accounts was 7 July 2018. All parties submitted accounts by the deadline.

Political parties with income or expenditure of more than £250,000 are required by law to independently audit their accounts and include this report in their submission.

It is understood that the SDLP did not meet the minimum criteria, with an income of £236,977.


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