DUP Issue Threat Over Brexit Backstop Deal

The DUP's deputy leader has threatened to paralyse the government's domestic agenda if Northern Ireland's place in the union is jeopardised by a Brexit deal.

Warning Prime Minister Theresa May, Nigel Dodds said his party would stop short of triggering a general election, as he spoke ahead of a cabinet meeting in London.

Theresa May is attempting to rally support ahead of a critical few days of Brexit negotiations, and told MPs on Monday that an agreement with the EU was "still achievable" despite the apparent controversy over the Irish border issue.
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The DUP form part of the conservative government, giving Mrs May the last 10 seats she requires for a House of Commons majority, so she relies on their support in key votes.

Mr Dodds said his party is ready and willing to withdraw support on key domestic legislation if there is any move towards fracturing the union with Northern Ireland.

He also said that despite this, the DUP would "not want to pull the plug on the government and allow Jeremy Corbyn into No 10".

A Conservative party MP, Anna Soubry, responded to his threat, branding it "profoundly undemocratic".

Mrs Soubry also added that the DUP were a "blooming nightmare" and accused the party of "holding the rest of this country to ransom".


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12 October 2018
DUP In War Of Words With Conservatives Over Brexit
Tensions are rising as a war of words develops between the DUP and the Conservative party over Brexit. It comes after DUP MP Sammy Wilson warned that his party would withdraw it's support for the government if it does not approve of the Brexit deal.
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02 October 2001
Moves to censure Sinn Féin go forward for debate
The Northern Ireland Assembly’s business committee have decided to allow the debate of two separate motions calling for the exclusion of Sinn Féin from devolved government to proceed on Monday. Both motions were tabled on the basis that the IRA have refused to decommission arms and failed to meet agreed timetables to do so.
11 November 2010
Elderly Care Bill Gets All-Party Backing
The care of older people has been in focus across both the UK and in Ireland this week - with dramatically different outcomes in the two states.
08 December 2015
Arlene Foster Nominated To Be New DUP Leader
Arlene Foster has been nominated to be the new DUP leader after Peter Robinson announced in November he is to step down. DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds has also confirmed he will not put his name forward for the position as he is not a member of the Stormont Assembly.