DUP Slam 'Humiliating' UK Govt Brexit Approach

Deputy leader of the Democratic Unionists Nigel Dodds has branded the current Brexit talks a "humiliating and embarrassing" time for the United Kingdom.

Nigel Dodds, who leads the party in Westminster, said the Prime Minister's current talks with the French and German leaders are equal to "holding out a begging bowl" to the EU.

It comes as Theresa May works to secure a further extension to Article 50 in order to prevent the UK leaving the EU without a deal in place.
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The north Belfast MLA commented: "The problems the Prime Minister is attempting to solve were not created by the decision to leave the European Union, rather the ineffective negotiations by the Prime Minister to implement that decision.

"A solution was put forward by the House of Commons on 29th January through the Brady amendment which could have charted a course by which Parliament could have supported a deal. Instead of treating this proposal seriously, the Prime Minister has effectively accepted the backstop and opted not to stand up to Brussels."

EU leaders are to meet for an emergency Brexit summit in Brussels to determine whether to offer another delay.

Mrs May is hoping to postpone the departure until 30 June.


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