UK Govt Urged To Act On NI Abortion Laws

Amnesty International has likened the vote in Alabama for abortion to be almost totally outlawed to the situation facing women in Northern Ireland.

The US senate backed the proposal this week, which would see the southeastern state adopt the country's most stringent law on pregnancy terminations. Abortions would be blocked even in cases of rape and incest, with an exception only for those with serious health risks, similar to the situation in Northern Ireland.

As many across the world express outrage at the vote, Amnesty International Campaigns Manager Grainne Teggart said the UK Government's inaction on the matter puts Northern Ireland in the same camp as the US states pushing women's reproductive health "back into the dark ages".
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Her statement reads: "It's devastating news that Alabama has become the latest in a string of US states to enact a horrifying abortion ban. The roll-back on reproductive rights in the US is happening at a terrifyingly rapid rate.

"We should be outraged by this, but let's also remember that in the UK we're no better- women in Northern Ireland are subjected to one of the most severe abortion bans in the world which also carries criminal penalties of up to life imprisonment. It's shameful that that our Government is allowing such a violation of reproductive rights to continue to blight the lives of so many."

Ms Taggart continued: "We should be leading on this issue, not lagging behind. We call on the Government to stop ignoring the cruel reality of our law and urgently legislate for change so the harm caused is brought to an end."


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