SDLP Demand 'Robust Local Solutions' To Climate Change

The Italian Government has made new moves to place climate change at the heart of education, sparking calls for similar action to take place across Northern Ireland.

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood welcomed the news from Italy and called for local government to implement "robust local solutions" to tackle the climate crisis.

As widely reported in recent weeks, Italy will next year become the first country in the world to enforce mandatory teaching hours on climate related topics.

The Foyle MLA said: "Addressing rising global temperatures is no niche political or activist issue. It is a worldwide challenge that will evolve into a global humanitarian crisis if we do not take bold, direct action in this moment. We will be left to explain to our children why we created millions of climate refugees fleeing flood, famine and drought when the scientific evidence was staring us in the face.
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"Global challenges require robust local solutions. We cannot make the case for a clean, green industrial revolution in those countries with carbon intensive industries if we refuse to take action ourselves. That's why we should replicate the action taken by the Italian government this week and prepare for a fundamental shift in our schools to create a new environment-aware generation.

"We cannot force our children and their children to pay the price for our casual disregard for the body of science which says we are destroying our climate. We should also take the opportunity to become a world leader in renewable technology and climate rehabilitation. This is the economy of the future and we should be at the heart of it, a key part of a Europe-wide movement for change.

"The time for action is now. The SDLP is prepared to invest in bold initiatives to repair the damage we've done to our natural environment. Action on climate change will be a key part of our agenda at Westminster and at home."


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