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Men Urged To Speak Out And Not 'Suffer In Silence'

The Alliance Party have urged men to "never suffer in silence" and to speak out if the stresses and strains of 2020 are simply getting too much.

Making the call, Party Vice Chair, Councillor Glenn Finlay, said: "2020 has been a year none of us will forget in a hurry, but it is one that we will be witnessing the repercussions for years to come.

"Mental health is something none of us can take for granted and yet we often find it is something we don't talk enough about in men.

"From the rate of male suicide to concerns over attainment within the education sector, mental health issues in males have been a problem pre-covid. We all have the chance to help those around us – be aware, ask the hard questions and know when to step in and help. There are dark days ahead; we can all help each other through it."

Danger To Employees Shopping Online On Company Equipment

Businesses are being encouraged to make sure their employees using company equipment, especially those working from home, are aware of the potential dangers of online fraud.

Addressing the issue of online shopping the the NI Chamber of Commerce said: "Many companies have identified increased security risks and security breaches with employees working from home. Albeit that employees may still be using their company equipment, many in the comfort of their home, will not think twice about clicking on a too good to be true offer. There is obviously now more opportunity to fall victim of fraudulent behaviour however, by taking a few precautions, employees and businesses can avoid this scenario.
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"Year on year, employers report that there is often a drop in productivity during Cyber Week. In a remote working environment, it can be expected that this will be even more prevalent this year. However, a potential solution to this and an effective way of boosting staff morale could be an employee 'shopping hour' to be taken in one go or in several slots on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The reality is that many employees will take this time anyway so you can turn this from a negative into a positive."

Colum Eastwood Slams 'Outlandish And Ridiculous Comments' From Sammy Wilson

The DUP can't blame "anyone but themselves" for the economic chaos and political uncertainty caused by Brexit, SDLP Leader, Colum Eastwood has said.

Mr Eastwood said: "Outlandish and ridiculous comments are hardly out of the ordinary for Sammy Wilson, but I was still gobsmacked to hear him today blame business representatives for the consequences of Brexit.

"Aodhan Connolly and Stephen Kelly, who Mr Wilson named today in the House of Commons, have been diligent, vociferous representatives of the business industry across the North and have thoughtfully advised political leaders on navigating the worst impacts of Brexit.

"Industry leaders across the North know that Brexit, particularly a hard Brexit, will cause unmitigated chaos for our businesses and our community. The problems are not "mythical", they are real and our employers are trying to grapple with them, with little to no support from the British Government.

"Instead of trying to point the finger at those business leaders, Sammy Wilson should reflect on the fact we wouldn't have to deal with any of these issues if he, his party and their bedfellows in the Tories were not intent on forcing an unwanted Brexit upon us."

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06 January 2020
Smokers Urged To Quit This New Year
Many people see the New Year as an opportunity to make positive changes to their lifestyle; whether that's improving their diet, increasing levels of physical activity, or giving up on unhealthy habits such as smoking. It is widely known that quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do to improve your health.
20 December 2019
21 Year-Old Charged With 386 Sexual Offences
Police have charged a man with 386 sexual-related offences.
17 December 2019
Make It Your New Year's Resolution To Stop Smoking
As the New Year approaches, the Public Health Agency (PHA) is encouraging people to make a resolution worth keeping – to quit smoking. The agency has launched a mass media campaign to encourage people to stop smoking and highlight the free quit services that are available across Northern Ireland.
16 December 2019
Man Jailed For Causing Three Year-Old's Death
A man has been sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment for causing the death of a three year-old boy in his care. Kayden McMcGuiness died in September 2017 after Liam Whoriskey inflicted brutal injuries on him, including a large number of bruises and bleeding over the surface of his brain.
29 November 2007
Planning Application Shock For Derry Factory Workers
Management-employee communications at a Londonderry factory seems to have faltered after a planning application for housing to be built on the site of their existing place of work - a Pennyburn plant - was put in a local paper.