Sinn Féin Renews Call For Amnesty Proposal To Be Scrapped

Sinn Féin has renewed their call for the British government to scrap its amnesty proposals.

Speaking after party MPs met with victims and political parties in London yesterday, 19 October, the Fermanagh South Tyrone MP said: "Today in London, Sinn Féin met with victims, local political parties, British Labour, SNP, Liberal Democrats and the Green Party, to voice our unequivocal opposition to the British government's amnesty proposals.

"There is consensus across victims groups, all local political parties, the Irish government, the UN, US Congress and academics that these proposals should be binned.
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"The British government are standing in complete isolation as they plough ahead with their proposed amnesty and ignoring the voices of victims, their families and the democratically elected political parties in Ireland.

"The British government are hellbent on covering up their dirty war in Ireland and protecting those involved, including those who pulled the trigger and those within the corridors of power who directed them.

"Victims of the conflict and their families cannot be denied access to the courts in pursuit of truth and justice.

"Sinn Féin will continue to press for the implementation of the Stormont House legacy mechanisms in a human rights compliant manner."

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