New Executive Must Prioritise Fuel Poverty Strategy – SDLP

Any new Executive must prioritise an updated fuel poverty strategy, SDLP West Belfast councillor Paul Doherty has said as he marked Fuel Poverty Awareness Day.

Highlighting how Northern Ireland's fuel poverty strategy has not been updated since 2011, Councillor Doherty said: "The failure of the Executive and subsequent ministers to update the Fuel Poverty Strategy for over a decade has left thousands of families vulnerable during the price increases that we have seen in recent years. It was an SDLP Minister who introduced the previous strategy and today the SDLP Opposition is committing to pressing the next Communities Minister to implement this long overdue piece of work.
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"Families across the North have faced eye-watering hikes in the cost of heating bills over the last few years while energy companies have enjoyed huge profits. At Westminster the SDLP was a key party of the coalition to secure an energy profits windfall tax and forcing the British government to stop these companies profiteering from the misery of others. Despite this, the removal of government support this winter has left many families facing a very difficult financial situation, with more and more people of all ages being left in cold homes, putting their physical and mental health at risk.

"I see first hand the need that exists in our communiites, with many people left with no choice but to turn to community and voluntary organisations for help and support. Just recently we saw how a scheme set up to support people with energy and other costs had to pause referrals due to unprecedented need, this is the reality for many people in the North who are really struggling to meet these costs.

"If Stormont does return it must prioritise the needs of families who are suffering due to the cost of living crisis and that includes a new funded fuel poverty strategy that reflects the increased need across the North over the past few years. The SDLP Opposition team will be making that case to ministers and ensuring that families are not abandoned the way they have been over the past few years."

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07 September 2011
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A shocking 75,000 NI households are living in severe fuel poverty by recognised national standards. Yesterday, the Stormont Minister for Social Development, Nelson McCausland (pictured) welcomed the publication of a report by the University of Ulster entitled 'Defining Fuel Poverty in Northern Ireland: A Preliminary Review'.
20 September 2011
Gas Price Hike 'Fuels Winter Woes'
The gas supplier, Firmus Energy has ended its previously announced summer price freeze and is set to increase tariffs by over 35% from 1 October - fuelling fears over 'fuel poverty' among the most needy. It has around 8,500 customers in the greater Belfast area - compared to competitor, Phoenix Gas - that has more than 130,000.
06 September 2011
Report Highlights NI Fuel Poverty
As winter approaches, measures to tackle fuel poverty in Northern Ireland over the past decade have been highlighted. A new report said this week these have been effective - but that much more needs to be done. This was the result of new research carried out by the University of Ulster.
19 November 2003
NI fuel poverty 'appalling'
A new report released today has revealed that many areas across Northern Ireland suffer from "appalling" fuel poverty. The study, by fuel poverty charity NEA Northern Ireland, revealed that there were 203,000 fuel poor households in Northern Ireland, as well as an average of 1,360 pensioner deaths every, because of cold weather.
06 January 2022
Fuel Payment Scheme Falls 'Drastically Short Of Whats Needed'
The £2m Emergency Fuel Payment Scheme has been criticised for falling "drastically short of what's needed". SDLP Communities Spokesperson Mark H Durkan has said that the scheme, which opens today, has only been designed to help 20,000 families, leaving huge numbers of people without support in the face of rising energy costs.