Too Much At Stake To Not Have A Green Deal - Farry

Alliance's General Election candidate, Stephen Farry, has emphasised that there is too much at risk for the UK Government to not have a green new deal.

North Down candidate Dr Farry said with the effects of climate change already prevalent, urgent action was now needed. Alliance launched its own green new deal document in 2021. He highlighted that the effects of climate change are already taking place and hitting the most vulnerable the hardest. Mr Farry said that the effects will only "continue to accelerate, causing needless financial distress for households, businesses and public services if we don’t future-proof our infrastructure and meet net zero targets."

In a statement, Stephen Farry said:
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"In Northern Ireland, we have the Climate Change Act, which Alliance MLAs worked hard to make as ambitious as possible. We also fought for the establishment of plans for Executive Departments to move towards targets. While they may be ambitious targets, it is vital we are aspirational in our goals.

"Alliance has long recognised the need for urgent action to overcome the climate crisis. That’s why we led change by publishing the Alliance Green New Deal. Since then, the energy and cost-of-living crises have taken a dramatic turn for the worse, while the Conservative Government have U-turned on climate pledges and approved fossil fuel expansion.

"A green new deal recognises tackling the climate emergency goes hand in hand with economic transformation and social justice. We need to urgently decarbonise our economy and by doing so, unlock a fairer and more resilient economy filled with clean and affordable renewable energy, and well-paid green jobs.

"Alliance MPs will push this matter at every level of government in order to help create a greener, fairer society for all. With Alliance now holding the Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs portfolio, we are leading the charge towards a green and resilient Northern Ireland that empowers our communities, businesses and natural environment."

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