Sinn Fein to lose Westminster allowances

The House of Commons has voted to stop allowances for Sinn Fein MP's for a 12 month period commencing on April 1st.

The Government motion was passed without a vote on Thursday following the debate over recommendations made by the Independent Monitoring Commission in February.

However, a further censure, an amendment to withdraw access for Sinn Fein from the Palace of Westminster was not carried.

Speaking during the debate, Secretary of State Paul Murphy said IRA criminality was holding up the current process. “The Government wants to do all that it can to ensure the process in Northern Ireland moves on and we can only do that if the IRA stops its criminal activity,” he said.

“The criminal activity of the IRA must be sorted out but today’s debate is an opportunity to show deep disapproval at what has happened.”

Last year Sinn Fein’s four MP received a combined total of almost £440,000 in House of Commons allowances.


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