South Belfast MLA Anna Lo Threatened

A Hong Kong-born Assemblywomen has said she will not be deterred by racist threats against her life.

South Belfast MLA Anna Lo (pictured) was told by police at the weekend that she is now a potential target for racist elements in the city.

Ms Lo, who is Northern Ireland's only elected representative from an ethnic minority, moved to live in the province over 30 years ago.

Earlier this month around 100 Romanians living in Ms Lo's constituency were forced out of their homes by a racist mob.

Ms Lo publicly condemned the acts of intimidation, which resulted in many of the victims fleeing Northern Ireland.

Speaking in the Assembly yesterday, Ms Lo said police believe her own home may now become a target for attacks.
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The Alliance MLA said she will be taking steps to boost her personal security, after the PSNI received an anonymous tip off on Saturday.

Ms Lo also said she had also received hate mail in recent weeks, but insisted she will not be deflected from continuing to denounce attacks on the community.

"I'm not going to be deterred by these people," she said.

"If they think that they can stop me from speaking out against them or speaking for the vulnerable people, new ethnic minority communities or migrant workers they are mistaken."

Ms Lo advised anyone else who receives threats from racist elements - particularly those working with ethnic minority groups - to contact police.

"I also advise them to step up their security, but I would also call on them to carry on," she said.

"They're doing a very good job in supporting their communities, and they really need this support now."

A PSNI spokesman said they do not discuss the security arrangements of individuals.


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