INTO Has Doubts Over Swine Flu

Schools may be unable to halt the spread of swine flu.

With the new school term imminent, a top teachers union has raised concerns that not enough resources have been made available to schools to prevent the spread of swine flu.

INTO said some principals were concerned that they would have to take money from the school budget to buy tissues and alcohol wipes.

Tony Carlin of INTO said the safety of children and teachers could be limited by the state of the school budget.

"We are concerned that there has not been central resourcing of a problem which impacts on the entire community.

"We view it as essential in the control of the spread of the virus that the educational community is adequately resourced and that these resources are held centrally."

However, the NI Education Minister Caitriona Ruane said earlier this week that all schools have been given guidance on how to manage the outbreak of swine flu.

"Since the start of this outbreak I have had meetings with the health minister to monitor the spread of the virus and discuss the potential implications for schools.

"Schools have started to reopen as planned for the new academic year and we have issued guidance to principals on how to reduce the risk of infection and deal with any cases that arise.

"In addition, advice has been prepared for parents or carers of school age children and those in early year's settings.

"Schools, parents, pupils and every member of our community can play their part in reducing the spread of this virus through the practice of good hygiene procedures over the coming weeks and months," she concluded.

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