Army 'Hijacked' By Right-Wing Extremists

The reputation of the British armed forces is in danger of being "hijacked" by right-wing political extremists, a high-profile group of former military chiefs has warned.

The group, which includes two former heads of the Army - General Sir Mike Jackson and General Sir Richard Dannatt - have written a letter which warns that such extremists are seeking to "hijack the good name of Britain's military" and that the values of right-wing groups were "fundamentally at odds" with the values of the British military.

Although the letter does not specifically name the British National Party, the party recently used wartime imagery, including pictures of Winston Churchil, as well as a picture of a Spitfire, alongside the words "Battle for Britain", in their recent European election campaign.

Speaking to The Times, General Jackson highlighted the BNP's campaign, saying: "The BNP is claiming that it has a better relationship with the armed forces than other political parties. How dare they use the Army, in particular, to promote their policies. These people are beyond the pale."

However, during an interview with BBC Radio 4's Today programme, General Jackson stressed that the group were not targeting specific political parties and said that this was "in no sense a party political issue", but was instead about "the reputation and good name of Britain's armed forces".

BNP leader Nick Griffin has previously said that his party campaigned on behalf of British Army veterans, irrespective of their ethnic background.


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