Toyota Power Ahead With Hybrid Car

Toyota has revealed its new plug-in 'rechargable' hybrid car and is promising the ecological vehicle - which will go on sale in 2011 - will be at an "affordable" price.

The Prius is Toyota's green car and is using a more powerful battery called a lithium-ion, which is different from those used in Prius hybrids already on roads today.

They said that a plug-in is more ecological than the regular Prius because it travels longer as an electric vehicle.

To kick-start things, about 600 of the vehicles will be introduced for lease in Japan, the US and Europe - 230 in Japan, 150 in the US and 200 in Europe - starting this month, over the first half of 2010, the company said.

The company said that the plug-in travels 14.5 miles as an electric vehicle on a single charge, and travels 35.4 miles on a litre of fuel.

When the charge runs out, a plug-in once again starts running like a regular hybrid, ensuring drivers will not run out of power on the road.

Toyota did not give a leasing price, or an estimate for its price when it goes on sale in 2011.

The car manufacturer is waiting until 2011 before commercial sales to gain feedback from users during the leasing period.


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