Blair For Iraq Inquiry This Month

Tony Blair will give evidence to the Chilcot Iraq inquiry on 29 January, it was confirmed today.

The former Labour prime minister will face up to six hours of questioning from the panel.

Mr Blair will be the highest profile contributor to the inquiry into the US and UK invasion of the country in 2003.

He will be asked questions regarding the lead up to the war, which saw dictactor Saddam Hessein deposed and later killed.

A ballot will be held later for members of the public hoping to secure a seat for the hearing.

Former Downing Street chief-of-staff Jonathan Powell appeared before the panel, chaired by Sir John Chilcot, today.

Ex-Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon will also answer questions from the inquiry this week, as will Jack Straw, the current Justice Secretary.

Last week, former Labour 'spin doctor' Alastair Campbell said he was prepared to stand over "every single word" of the 2002 dossier which detailed the merits for war.

The inquiry is looking at UK policy before and after the 2003 war.


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