New Offence Keeps Airguns Under Lock And Key

A new offence to stop under 18s gaining unauthorised access to airguns has been introduced by the Government today.

From 10 February, owners will be liable for a fine of up to £1000 if they do not take reasonable precautions to stop unauthorised access to their airgun by people under the age of 18. Safety leaflets informing new owners of the offence will also be included with every air gun purchased.

Home Office Crime Prevention Minister James Brokenshire said: "For the vast majority of responsible airgun owners, keeping their weapon safely locked up is routine. But when an air gun is allowed to get in to the wrong hands the consequences can be tragic.

"Although serious incidents are rare, there have been cases in recent years where children have got hold of carelessly stored airguns that have resulted in severe injuries and even deaths. We want to do everything in our power to keep the risk of such incidents to an absolute minimum. 

"With this new legislation, we are saying there is no excuse. If you do not keep your airgun safely away from children you will be prosecuted."


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