Met Office Help Maximise Wind Farm Investment

Met Office experts will be presenting new ways to maximise wind farm investment at the Wind Energy Business Forum in London this week.

Weather patterns and crucially wind speeds underpin the success for this type renewable energy - and the Met Office can make the difference to its success with Virtual Met Mast - our site-specific wind analysis model-based tool.

Virtual Met Mast allows businesses and investors to access specially produced wind assessments across Europe in advance of a costly met mast installation.

Providing clear and detailed information, Virtual Met Mast provides cost-effective and reliable site-specific analysis to help investors make the right decisions, based on world leading research and development from the Met Office which:
  • Combines cutting-edge science and supercomputer technology
  • Uses the Met Office's Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model, which incorporates observations from satellites, ships, aircraft, ground stations and radar as a foundation for generating site-specific wind farm assessments
  • Employs a wide range of continuously monitored wind observations to produce a core wind analysis record (extending back over 20 years)
  • Provides site-specific data at hub height for both onshore and offshore locations
  • Allows outputs to be correlated with real met mast data to derive the ultimate value from your Virtual Met Mast assessment
  • And provides a variety of essential statistics, including confidence figures.


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16 June 2011
Met Office Team To Maximise Wind Energy
Met Office experts will be presenting new ways to maximise wind farm investment at wind energy conferences in Scotland this week in light of the volatility of wind resource over the last year. Weather patterns, and crucially wind speeds, underpin the success for this type renewable energy.
27 July 2009
Extra £1bn Pledged For Wind Farm Programme
Three UK-based banks start work today with the European Investment Bank (EIB) on a programme to lend up to £1 billion to onshore wind farms over the next three years.
18 December 2003
UK announces 'largest ever' green energy strategy
The largest ever expansion of renewable energy "anywhere in the world" has been announced today which aims to power more than one-in-six British households by 2010. The 15 new offshore wind farm sites will produce enough electricity for four million homes, the government said.
27 October 2005
Britain basks in record temperatures
The UK is basking in sunshine as the country enjoys the warmest October 27 on record. Temperatures have risen as high as 21c in some parts of the country, beating the previous record of 20.3c, which was recorded in London in 1888. However, temperatures are expected to rise as high as 23c in some parts of the country.
08 June 2012
Met Office Issue Wind And Flood Warnings
The Met Office has issued weather warnings for wind across southwest England, the Midlands and the South East, and for wind and rain in Wales. Flood warnings and alerts are in place for Wales and southern England as the weather system moves east.