Mladic's Arrest 'An Important Moment' For International Justice

Foreign Secretary William Hague said Mladic's arrest serves as a warning to members of regimes around the world who are considering committing crimes against humanity.

In an article published in the Sun newspaper the Foreign Secretary said: "Ratko Mladic's arrest is historic for the western Balkans and brings the prospect of long-awaited justice for the victims and their families.”

Mr Hague then spoke of his personal experience of dealing with those afftected. He said: “I met some of those families when I visited Srebrenica and spoke with mothers who lost their children in the killings. They told a story of the worst horrors to be committed on European soil since the end of the Second World War. But they also told a story of people who want to see justice done.”

The Foreign Secretary said that with the arrest of Mladic, the quest for that justice came a step closer.

He added: “I hope that his capture brings some relief to the families of those killed.

I also hope it will help the process of reconciliation in the western Balkans and allow all its people to look forward to a stable, secure and prosperous future.

“Serbian President Boris Tadic's commitment to the continuing search for the other remaining fugitive, Goran Hadzic, is welcome and should remain a key priority for the Serbian government.

Mladic's arrest is an important moment for international justice too.

“It serves as a warning to members of regimes around the world who are or may be considering committing crimes against humanity.

“They were reminded yesterday that they will not be able to hide from the long arm of justice. There is no expiry date on such terrible crimes and international justice will pursue them wherever they may be."


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