Roads Minister Urges Drives To 'Take Time'

The Highways Agency, which is responsible for England’s motorways and other strategic roads, is urging road users to make time for winter and prepare for severe weather.

The agency said it had a fleet of 500 "state of the art" winter vehicles on stand-by, supported by tried and tested winter resilience plans. Salt stock levels have been reviewed with stocks of more than a quarter of a million tonnes – 25% more than at the same time last year.

Met Office weather forecasters based at the Highways Agency’s National Traffic Operations Centre will also be on hand to provide information on weather conditions across the motorway and trunk road network.

Roads Minister Mike Penning said: “The Highways Agency is ready for winter, but the experience of recent winters is that we must all play our part and be prepared. A few very simple steps taken now, such as putting together a severe weather emergency kit for your car, can reduce the risk of being caught out by the weather.

“Not every journey is essential in severe weather, but if you really must travel in the worst conditions, check your vehicle before you set out; take a severe weather emergency kit; check traffic and weather conditions and always plan your journey. For more information and advice I’d urge all drivers to make time for winter and visit the Highways Agency’s website, where there are lots of tips to help keep winter journeys safe and trouble free.

Meanwhile, Alyson Bedford, Head of Government Business at the Met Office, said they were working closely with the Highways Agency throughout the year.

"During the winter period our forecasters work with Highways Agency staff to provide them with the very latest weather forecasts. When making any journey always make sure you check the weather forecast for the latest weather information.”

For detailed information on local and national weather conditions, visit the Met Office website or listen to local radio broadcasts, the agency said.


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