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Three Arrested In Connection With £50m Drug Haul

Three men have been arrested in Kent following the seizure of £50m worth of cocaine.The male suspects aged between 40 and 45 have been detained in Rochester after approximately 150kg of the drug was discovered on Monday. The men are being held on suspicion of procession of class A drugs with the intent to supply.

Disabled Man Asks High Court For His Right To Die

A disabled man has asked the High Court to allow a doctor to end his life. The 57-year-old, Tony Nicklinson, who is disabled from the neck down after suffering a stroke in 2005 has asked that a doctor be allowed to terminate his life legally. The case which raises difficult legal, moral and ethical questions about euthanasia, has left lawyers calling for the doctor who may carryout Nicklinson’s wishes to have a “common law defence of nessity” against a murder charge. Nicklinson claims that being able to die at home at the right time would be a good death.

Miliband Won’t Condemn Strikes

Labour Leader, Ed Miliband, has said that he will not condemn the public sector strikes, which are due to take place on Wednesday. Mr Miliband told ITV Daybreak he hated the "terrible" disruption the strike would cause, but would not condemn it. He said planned pension changes were "a 3% tax rise on some of the lowest-paid workers in the country" and unfair. Thousands are prepared to strike over pension cuts on Wednesday.

Changes Ahead For MoT Test

The MoT test that makes sure that motor vehicles are road worthy is to undergo a raft of new changes to ensure that the recent advances in car engineering work properly. The changes which will overhaul the test will be the biggest of its kind for the test since the early 1990s. The changes will see repairs to a car having to be completed straight away before a an MoT certificate will be issued. Currently a motorist whose car fails to meet the new standards will be given a period of grace to make the necessary repairs. The new requirements will be implemented from January 2012.


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18 February 2004
Pregnancy test kit reports 'false negatives'
It is thought that hundreds of women tested for pregnancy in the UK inside the last 12 weeks may have been incorrectly told they are not pregnant. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said a problem had recently been identified with the SAS One Step pregnancy test kits.
20 December 2010
Motorcycle Testing Set For Overhaul
Plans to trial a new, single, on-road motorcycle test were published today by Road Safety Minister Mike Penning. The report from the motorcycle test review is the result of work the department has undertaken with motorcycle groups, training organisations and others since June 2010.
25 November 2014
Accused Changes Plea Over Breck Bednar Murder
A 19-year-old man has admitted the murder of a teenage boy he met while playing video games online. 14-year-old Breck Bednar, of Caterham, Surrey, was found with a stab wound to his neck at a flat in Grays, Essex, in February. Lewis Daynes admitted murder ahead of the jury being sworn in at the start of his trial.
05 November 2012
Living Wage Proposals Unveiled
If Labour wins the next election they vow to deliver a "living wage" of at least £7.45 per hour for, according to Ed Miliband. The Living Wage has risen by 25p to £7.45 per hour for those workers across the UK, and to £8.55 per hour for workers in London.
25 August 2010
Poor 'Hit Hardest' By Emergency Budget
The coalition government's emergency Budget has hit the poorest families the hardest, a leading economic think-tank has revealed. The Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) said that low income households with children would lose more as a percentage of net income, due to benefit cuts.