Foreign Office Announces Further Libyan Support

Foreign Secretary William Hague has announced more financial support for Libya, as the country marks a year since its uprising.

An additional £1 million assistance on 'demining' has been promised through the UN has been announced while a six month programme to promote women and youth’s participation in the political process and a national youth conference in Benghazi in March, has also been announced.

The Foreign Office also promised to hold a conference in the Spring on human rights, which will look to identify ways the Transitional Government can uphold human rights and ensure reports of detainee abuse are being addressed.

Speaking on Friday, Foreign Secretary William Hague said: "One year ago the Libyan revolution began on the streets of Benghazi. Libyans across the whole country can be proud of how much they have achieved and the hope they have given to others around the world living under the oppression of brutal regimes.

"Tangible progress has already been made in the transition to a peaceful and stable country. Libya’s future is far brighter than it was a year ago, but there are challenges ahead."

Mr Hague also announced that to facilitate links between the UK and Libya and to promote investment by British companies, they were working to resume a UK visa service.


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