Brits Spend More Time Choosing Lunch Than Testing A Mattress

March is National Bed Month, a month long celebration dedicated to the importance of a good night’s rest - so with approaching days getting longer the importance of quality sleep in your life is a hot health topic.

A recent study of 3,000 adults in the UK by home furnishings firm IKEA shows nearly three quarters (72%) take under ten minutes to choose the mattress they are likely to sleep on for the next eight years.

In fact a third of those questioned make this crucial decision in less than five minutes. According to the research, that’s the same amount of time people take choosing their lunch each day.

The main reason behind these hasty purchases appears be the great British reserve, which research shows is alive and well as nearly a third (31%) of those surveyed admitted to feeling shy and embarrassed when testing a mattress. A further 26% admitted that they would be too embarrassed to even lie down on a mattress in-store before purchasing it.

They recommend testing a mattress properly by lying down on it, moving into different positions and simulating sleep for a minimum of 10 minutes. Yet bedroom shy Brits regularly avoid these practices. Only 15% of couples would lie down on a mattress to test it together, with an even shyer percentage (9%) believing the best method to test a

mattress before buying it was to push down with their hands or to sit on the edge for a few moments.

Sleep expert Jim Horne believes our British reserve could be keeping us up at night. He said: "I’ve always been puzzled why people spend so little time choosing a bed when they are going to spend maybe a third of their daily lives in such close contact with it. During sleep the body relaxes, so it’s important that when choosing a mattress one takes time to physically

and mentally loosen up and test it properly."

Pippa Swain, IKEA UK and Ireland bedrooms manager, added: "Our research shows

that the great British reserve is alive and well, with embarrassment and shyness preventing customers from finding the right mattress for their sleeping behaviour. But when you’re going to live with your mattress for such a long time, it’s important to take the time to choose one that you’re comfortable with."


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