Raspberry Pi Launch Sells Out

Following in the footsteps of the Sinclair Spectrum and BBC Micro, the Raspberry Pi went on sale at 6am this morning, immediately selling out and crashing the site it was being sold from.

The new British computer, costing just £22, is intended to inspire a new generation of people, especially children, to learn how to program. It is the size of a credit card but incorporates a USB port for a keyboard, an Ethernet port, and SD card slot and an HDMI port for video output. Users need to supply their own screen and keyboard, or plug it into a TV. It runs on an ARM chip similar to what would be found in a mobile phone and uses the free open-source operating system LINUX.

Originally the idea of David Braden, a video game veteran, it was today launched by Eben Upton, a Cambridge-based engineer, via the Raspberry Pi Foundation and on the websites on components companies RS and Farnell.

Eben Upton said about the Raspberry Pi: "What was needed was a return to an exciting, programmable machine like the old BBC Micro; and it had to be affordable, say around £20, so every child could potentially have one."

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has said the ideal is to give one of the devices away to every child as they begin a new school year.


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