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Employment Minister Hope to ease Concerns Over Work Experience Schemes

In a bid to ease concerns over the governments much criticised work experience scheme, employment minister Chris Grayling is to hold talks with dozens of firms.

Some firms are calling for the threat of losing benefit entitlement removed altogether.

Many firms, including Waterstones and Burger King have already quit the scheme.

Unemployed activists Mark Dunk, from the trades union-backed Right to Work group has said, "If you go and do work you're making money for those companies, why can't they pay? It's absolutely degrading to... do exactly the same job as someone else but not be paid."

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman stressed the work experience was voluntary.

"We are offering young jobseekers the opportunity to get invaluable work experience which plays a vital part in helping people get into the jobs market."

’Cheeky’ Advert Is Banned

Sofa King, a Nottingham furniture retailer, has been order by the advertising watchdog to stop using its catchphrase, “Where the Prices are Sofa King Low”

The company has said it has used the slogan on its shop, vehicles and advertising since it launched nine years ago.

The Advertising Standards Authority received three complaints from readers of the Northampton Herald & Post and found it offensive and unsuitable for general public display. The ASA said that the phrase could be interpreted as a derivative of the swear word "fuck", which research had found to be a word "so likely to offend that it should not be used in ads at all, even when it was relevant to the name of a product".

Sofa King have now been banned from using the phrase in any of its advertising.

Tension Rises With Argentina

As tensions over the Falkland Islands continue to rise, Argentine firms are being urged to boycott British suppliers.

20 of the country’s largest companies have reportedly been told by industry minister Debora Giorgi to find new sources for products they would have bought from the UK.

A source close to Giorgi is reported to have said, “It is fundamental that Argentina can determine who are its strategic business partners, and the government can also give a sign to those who still use colonialism as a way of accessing natural resources outside it.”

Tensions were already high after Argentinian officials stopped two British-owned cruise liners arriving from the Falklands from docking.

David Cameron has made it clear Britain will never negotiate sovereignty with Argentina against the wishes of the islands’ population of 3,000.


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17 February 2015
Plans Announced To Make Young People Work For Benefits
The Prime Minister has announced a proposal for 18 to 21-year-olds claiming benefits to do daily work experience. The proposed reform, known as Community Work Programme, would see young people not in work, education or training, required to complete daily work experience, alongside continuing to look for work in order to qualify for benefits.
21 February 2012
Tesco To Offer Paid Work Placements
After a public outcry and calls to boycott, Tesco has said it will now offer paid placements with a guaranteed offer of a job to people on the governments work experience scheme.
01 March 2012
Businesses Force Government U-Turn On Work Experience Schemes
The government have been forced into dropping the use of benefit sanctions in their work experience schemes as a result of pressure from the businesses involved in the programme.
28 February 2006
OFT launches internet scam sweep
The Office of Fair Trading has launched an internet scam sweep and web chat in a bid to trap online scammers. Over the next three days, thousands of websites will be examined by consumer protection agencies from 21 countries, as well as over 20 Trading Standards departments within the UK.
17 October 2003
Cutting red tape could save £16m for business: Minister
Measures to cut pensions red tape – and save business up to £16 million a year – were set out by Work and Pensions Secretary Andrew Smith today.