Man Convicted For 27 Years For Attempted Murder

A Man has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for attempted murder.

After an eight day trial at Wood Green Crown Court, on May 25th 2012, William Kelly age 50 of Lynton Road, London E4 was jailed.

Kelly carried out the “ferocious” attack after breaking into the victim’s own flat in Oakleigh Road North, London N20 on the night of October 30th 2011.

The 41 year old victim was sleeping in his home at about 3.30 a.m. when he was disturbed by an intruder who had entered his flat with a key. The intruder’s face was covered with a balaclava and a motor-bike helmet and he was wearing gloves on his hands. The intruder produced a gravity friction lock baton and struck the victim several times on the head, causing serious bleeding. The victim was then forced to the ground by the intruder, who said to him “Where’s Tony?”.

The victim denied knowing anyone called Tony. The intruder then drew a knife from a shoulder sheath and began stabbing the victim. The victim struggled with the intruder and managed to knock the knife out of his hand. The intruder then searched for the knife and when he recovered it, ran from the scene saying "Don’t look at me. Don’t follow me or I’ll kill yer kids".

The intruder had left the victim grievously injured from the baton blows and the stab wounds, but he had just enough strength to reach his phone and dial 999. The police and paramedics arrived shortly afterwards and had to force open the door to the flat to enter and treat him.

The victim was rushed to hospital, where he underwent emergency open heart surgery. He was treated for injuries from the baton attack, numerous stab wounds, including a stab-wound that had pierced his heart; he was fortunate to survive the attack and make a recovery.

It appeared to police that although the suspect had asked for a man called Tony, who was not known to the victim, the fact that the suspect had a key to the premises might indicate that he knew the victim in some way and this may not have been a random attack or case of mistaken identity.

The victim had previously been married to a woman by whom he had two children. About 9 years ago they divorced, and the victim’s ex-wife subsequently married a man William Kelly. The victim had recently obtained custody of the two children who were living with him, but were with their mother on the night of the attack. The victim stated that the divorce and subsequent relationship with his ex wife and new husband had been acrimonious at times.

Through enquires police were able to ascertain that Kelly owned a Nissan car which was tracked by CCTV as having been on the road in the early hours of the morning, shortly after the attack. Kelly explained this by allegedly telling police he had used the car to go and buy cider.

Meanwhile at the scene of the crime police found the tip of a black rubber glove. A forensic examination of the glove tip revealed traces of Kelly’s DNA in it. The glove had a distinctive pattern and was linked to the crime by bloody glove marks left on a communal door outside the flat. These marks were shown to have been in the victim’s blood. More traces of the victim’s blood were found under the steering column of Kelly’s Nissan car, the car that Kelly had been using on the night of the attack.

Kelly was arrested by police and when formally interviewed declined to make any response to the questions that were put to him. On the December 8th 2011 he was charged with attempted murder. At the end of the case His Honour Judge Browne expressed the court's thanks to Barnet officers, PC Mark Jackson, PC Russell Bird and PS Michael Burke and a paramedic for their work in saving the victim’s life.

Officer in the case Detective Constable Matthew Bennett said: "Kelly carried out a wicked and terrifying attack in the victim’s own home. This attack was so ferocious that Mr May was lucky to survive and tribute has to be paid to the officers and paramedics that came to his aid. Kelly had attempted to conceal both his motive and identity; but the evidence gathered by police enabled the jury to see through his deceptions and bring him justice."

Detective Inspector Jamie Stevenson in charge of Barnet CID said: "To uncover the truth of this case required a complex and meticulous enquiry. I would like to pay tribute to the work of officer in the case DC Matthew Bennett whose excellent detective work was crucial in bringing this man to justice."


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