New measures to curb sex tourism revealed

Registered sex offenders who travel abroad will have to notify the police if they plan to be away for three days or more, under new measure designed to tighten laws governing sex offenders.

The government's Sexual Offences Bill today which will also see sex offenders required to give the police seven days notice of their intention to travel.

It is hoped that the measures will allow the police more time to notify other countries or apply for a foreign travel order if they believe the offender will commit an offence whilst overseas. Currently the notification period is eight days with a requirement to notify the police 48 hours in advance of travel.

Home Office Minister, Hilary Benn said: "The Sexual Offences Bill provides us with an opportunity to ensure we are doing everything we can to deal with those who commit sexual offences abroad, and tightening up this rule is part of a package of tighter rules to tackle sex tourism.

"Lessening the number of days a registered sex offender can travel abroad before notifying the police will help to crack down on the vile sex tourism industry. It will work alongside the orders we are introducing to enable the courts to stop an offender who has been convicted of sexual offences against children from travelling overseas to abuse children.

"The government is absolutely committed to tackling the sexual exploitation of children and we are ensuring that the measures to stop offenders who evade tough UK restrictions and travel abroad to abuse children are as effective as possible."

It can be used to prevent those convicted of sexual offences against children from travelling to specified countries where there is a risk they will abuse children.


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