Paralysed Man Takes Up Right-To-Die Appeal

A legal challenge brought by the late Tony Nicklinson, over the right to die with help from a doctor, has been taken up by 58-year-old Paul Lamb.

Mr Lamb has been paralysed since he was severely injured in a car accident in 1990. He has no function in any of his limbs apart from a little movement in his right hand

He has now joined forces with the family of Mr Nicklinson, who died in 2012, after his widow Jane won permission to continue the challenge to a High Court ruling against doctor-assisted death.

Mr Lamb's case differs slightly in that it goes beyond assisted suicide, he is so severely paralysed he would not be able to take the final steps to kill himself, he would need a doctor to kill him.

The two cases will be heard in the Court of Appeal on 14 and 15 May.

Anti-euthanasia campaigners say the current law protects vulnerable people.


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13 May 2013
Appeal Court Right To Die Case To Begin
The Court of Appeal is due to hear from two severely disabled men who are continuing the challenge launched for a change to laws over the right to die. 58-year-old Paul Lamb, has picked up the challenge begun by the late Tony Nicklinson, and is seeking a ruling to give doctors a defence to a murder charge.
31 July 2013
Court Of Appeal Rules Against Right-To-Die Case
The Court of Appeal has ruled against the latest right-to-die challenge. Paul Lamb, left paralysed after a road accident, and the family of the late Tony Nicklinson, who suffered from locked-in syndrome, brought the appeal against a previous decision that a doctor did not have the right to help Mr Nicklinson end his life.
16 December 2013
Right-To-Die Hearing Begins At Supreme Court
The Supreme Court are due to preside over the last round in the ongoing right-to-die legal campaign.
04 April 2003
Reid takes over as Leader of the House
Former Northern Ireland Secretary of State John Reid has returned to the Cabinet after he was handed Robin Cook's old job as Leader of the House today. The Leader of the House portfolio became vacant after Robin Cook resigned on March 17 in protest at the launch of the war in Iraq without a second UN resolution.
03 January 2013
Tony Nicklinson Family Win Right To Appeal Case
The family Tony Nicklinson, who lost a legal battle for the right-to-die, have won permission to continue his campaign and appeal against the High Court ruling. Mr Nicklinson, 58, died at his home in Melksham, Wiltshire, in August 2012, a week after he failed in his bid to end his life with a doctor's help.