Julian Assange In No Hurry To Leave Embassy

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has told reporters that he is in no hurry to leave London's Ecuadorian embassy.

Assange has been in the embassy for almost a year, after he lost an appeal against extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over sex crimes.

Assange also fears that he could extradited to the US, where he could face arrest for releasing secret documents.

He has remained in the embassy as he continues to fight extradition to Sweden, which it is understood there has been little to no progress on.

Assange told reporters that he spends up to 17 hours a day working while in the embassy, has a sun lamp and takes regular exercise on a threadmill.

Assange was granted political asylum by Ecuador, but was not guaranteed safe passage out of the UK but the government, who maintain that he would be arrested and returned to Sweden.


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18 August 2014
Wikileaks Founder To Leave Embassy 'Soon'
Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks who has spent almost two years living inside the Ecuadorean embassy, has said that he will leave the premises "soon".
20 June 2012
Julian Assange Seeks Asylum In London's Ecuador Embassy
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is seeking political asylum at Ecuador's London embassy. The South American country says it is "studying and analysing the request". This follows after last weeks rejection by the UK’s Supreme Court of Mr Assange's bid to reopen an appeal against extradition to Sweden over alleged sex crimes.
10 July 2013
Met Spends Almost £4m On Assange Watch
The Metropolitan Police has revealed it has spent £3.8m maintaining a round-the-clock guard outside the Ecuadorian embassy to prevent Wikilieaks founder Julian Assange from escaping. The amount, which has been described as "ridiculous", covers the period from June 2012 until May 2013.
24 February 2011
Assange Faces Extradition To Sweden
Following a hearing two weeks ago, a judge has ruled that Julian Assange should be extradited to Sweden to face sexual assault allegations. The Wikileaks founder is now set to appeal against the ruling made at Belmarsh Magistrates' Court, in south London.
03 September 2012
Assange Death Penalty Fears 'Unfounded' - Hague
The UK's Foreign Secretary William Hague has said that fears Julian Assange will face the death penalty if extradited from Sweden to the US are "without foundation". Mr Assange has been granted asylum by Ecuador.