Badger Cull Begins In Somerset

The National Farmer's Union (NFU) have confirmed that a controversial badger cull has begun in Somerset.

It is understood that some 5,000 badgers are expected to be killed in six weeks in an effort to control the spread of bovine TB, which it is claimed is spread to cattle from infected badgers.

Opponents of the cull, however, have described the controlled-shootings of the animals and ineffective and inhumane.

Protesters held an overnight vigil against the launch of the cull.

In a statement posted on the farmer's union website, NFU President Peter Kendall said: "I am writing to let you know that the first pilot badger control operations have begun. This is an important step not just for cattle farmers but for the whole farming industry.

"I know that many of you reading this will have suffered the misery of dealing with TB on farm – some of you for decades – and I hope now you will feel that something is finally being done to stem the cycle of infection between cattle and badgers.

"We cannot go on culling tens of thousands of cattle every year because of TB while knowing the disease exists in wildlife uncontrolled."

The cull is expected to move to Gloucestershire later this week.


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20 March 2012
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A controversial plan to cull badgers has been dropped by the Welsh government. The plan was hoped to wipe out bovine TB in cattle but environment minister John Griffiths said after carefully considering the scientific evidence he has instead opted to vaccinate the animals.
09 September 2014
Year Two of Badger Cull Underway
The second year of a badger cull is now underway in Gloucestershire and Somerset. Almost 1,000 badgers are to be killed in the second year of the cull, which started last year in an effort to stop the spread of bovine TB. Some 1,800 badgers were culled in 2013.
17 September 2012
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The Government has published proposals which would allow farmers to cull badgers as part of measures to control bovine tuberculosis in cattle. Defra has launched a consultation on the proposal to issue licences to farmers and landowners who wish to cull and/or vaccinate badgers at their own expense.