MPs To Debate Possible Military Response Against Syria

Legal advice taken by the British government has stated that Britain could launch military action against Syria, without the backing of the United Nations, and even if permanent members Russia and China block the move.

It is understood that UK intelligence chiefs have concluded that it is "highly likely" a chemical attack was carried out by the Syrian government, and this allows for a response on the basis of "humanitarian intervention".

The government in Syria has denied it carried out a suspected chemical weapons attack on August 21 near Damascus in which hundreds of people died.

The accuracy of the available evidence for the attack and who carried it out, is to be debated by MPs later today, with the Labour party's Ed Miliband cautaining that MPs should not have to decide on what he called an "artificial timetable".


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30 August 2013
MPs Vote Against Syrian Military Response
MPs last night voted against military action in Syria by a majority of 285 to 272. The government had debated the possibility of military action in response to an alleged chemical attack carried out by the Syrian government on August 21, near Damascus.
16 October 2008
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14 April 2003
Straw denies plans for armed action against Syria
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said that there are no Coalition plans for a military intervention in Syria – despite the more bellicose statements emerging from Whitehouse officials.
28 August 2013
UK National Security Hold Emergency Meeting Over Syria
An emergency meeting of the UK's National Security Council (NSC) is underway to discuss the ongoing situation in Syria and a possible response.
27 August 2013
No 10 Drawing Up Syrian Military Contingency Plan
Downing Street have announced they are drawing up contingency military plans in response to alleged chemical weapons use in Syria. Revealing the plan, No 10 stressed that any action would be lawful, proportionate and follow agreement with international allies. It has also been confirmed that Parliament will be recalled on Thursday.