Pool cleaning chemicals linked to asthma

Research has linked the chemicals used to keep swimming pools clean to a rise in childhood asthma.

The study by Belgian researchers indicates that naturally produced body fluids, sweat and urine, may react with the chlorinated compounds used in the pool water to produce a chemical cocktail that adversely affects the lungs.

The report’s authors believe that this tissue damage in the lining of lungs then leaves those affected more prone to adverse reactions to allergens in the environment that may then trigger asthma. However, the report has already sparked controversy as leading experts have dismissed the claims made in the report.

In all 226 schoolchildren and a number of adults who had been regular swimmers at indoor pools since early childhood were examined. The researchers concluded that the levels of proteins, known to cause damage to cell tissue in the lung, were elevated in the sample of those people who had been exposed to pool water.

The research finding indicated that the protein levels were found to be as high as those individuals who were habitual smokers, and furthermore that the proteins in those individuals who did not swim but had been spectators at the poolside were also elevated.

While concluding that “the increasing exposure of children to chlorination products in indoor pools might be an important cause of the rising incidence of childhood asthma and allergic diseases in industrialised countries,” the authors noted that further epidemiological studies should be undertaken to test their hypothesis.


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