PM rejects calls for public inquiry into WMDs

The Prime Minister has rejected fresh calls today for an independent public inquiry into the nature of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Instead it is expected that Mr Blair will formally task the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) to investigate the issue in the Commons tomorrow.

In lobby briefings today, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman said that the ISC inquiry was probably already under way. He then reiterated Mr Blair's statement at the G8 conference in Evian, France, saying that if people had hard evidence to back up counter claims on WMDs then they should present it.

He added that the government's evidence on Iraq's weapons would be produced in due course.

The spokesman also said that suggestions the intelligence service's dossier on the Iraqi threat, presented in the build up to war, had been exaggerated to look "sexier" were "entirely false".

He then repeated the Prime Minister's belief that there was "no doubt" that Saddam Hussein had WMDs and had been continuing to manufacture them.

The former Leader of the House, Robin Cook, who resigned his Cabinet post in the run up to war, renewed calls for an independent inquiry following the decision to launch a similar probe in the US.


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