E-Fit Images Released Of Madeline McCann Suspect

The Metropolitan Police investigating the abduction of a three-year-old British girl called Madeleine McCann from an apartment in the Portuguese Algarve resort of Praia da Luz on the 3rd May 2007, have released two e-fit images of a man who is of vital importance in the case.

A reconstruction of events showing new and significant information has been compiled to seek the assistance of the public in the UK, Germany and Holland through Crimewatch, Ungelost XY, and Opsporing Verzocht television programmes. These are believed to be the most prevalent nationalities in the area at the time other than the local Portuguese.

A new understanding of events on the evening Madeleine disappeared which has resulted in a renewed focus on a sighting of a man carrying a child towards the ocean/centre of town at about 10pm.

Numerous sightings of unidentified males with blonde or fair hair seen near the scene on or around the 3rd May 2007. They may or may not be the same person.

There was a fourfold increase in burglaries in the resort peaking in April 2007. Two of the burglaries in April were in Block 5 where Madeleine disappeared from.

The Metropolitan Police Service is offering a reward of up to £20,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest and prosecution of the person(s) responsible for the abduction of Madeleine McCann from Praia da Luz Portugal on the 3rd May 2003.


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