SNP Produce Independence Blueprint

The SNP have published their "mission statement" for Scotland's future.

Promising a "revolution" in social policy, the 670-page independence blueprint lays out a number of changes in childcare policy the SNP would pursue if elected as the government of an independent Scotland.

Speaking at the launch of the government white paper, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond said: "This is the most comprehensive blueprint for an independent country ever published, not just for Scotland but for any prospective independent nation.‬‬‬

"But more than that, it is a mission statement and a prospectus for the kind of country we should be and which this government believes we can be.

"Our vision is of an independent Scotland regaining its place as an equal member of the family of nations - however, we do not seek independence as an end in itself, but rather as a means to changing Scotland for the better."

The paper, "Scotland's future: Your guide to an independent Scotland" is available through the SNP website.


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23 July 2013
SNP Lay Out Oil And Gas Plan For Independent Scotland
The Scottish government have announced it will establish an expert commission to look at maximising returns from North Sea oil and gas for an independent Scotland. The SNP have published a paper detailing the administration's plan for the industry in an independent Scotland, highlighting that it would not increase the sectors tax burden.
11 December 2012
Scottish Government Contacts EC Over Independence
The Scottish government has contacted the European Commission to call for talks over the independence referendum. The announcement follows EC president Jose Manuel Barroso's comments to the BBC that any newly-independent country would have to reapply to join the EU.
06 March 2013
Scottish Debt 'Less Than UK level'
Scotland continues to be in a relatively stronger budget position than the UK as a whole to the value of £824 per person or £4.4 billion as a nation, according to National Statistics published today.
05 February 2013
Transition To An Independent Scotland Outlined
Scotland's process of transition to an independent country following a 'Yes' vote in next year’s historic referendum has been outlined in a paper published today by Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.
09 December 2013
Independent Scotland To Provide Post-Study Visas
An independent Scotland would provide a post-study work visa to encourage graduates to stay in the country, according to Scottish Finance Secretary John Swinney. The visa plans would allow recent graduates to stay in the country to work or set up a business.