Vote Of No Confidence Cast Against Brighton's Green Party

The administration of Brighton's Green Party has received a vote of no confidence in the wake of its proposals to increase council tax.

The party have proposed a 4.75% rise in council tax, pending a successful referendum.

The party say that the increase would be used to fund adult social care services.

The Labour and Tory groups have said that they plan to oppose the Green Party's budget next month and have called on their leader, Jason Kitcat, to stand down.


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03 October 2011
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The Conservative Party Conference, today featuring speeches from the Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne, in Manchester is now in progress. Running from October 2-5, already, a council tax freeze in England to 2012-13 has been unveiled by Chancellor George Osborne at the event.
31 March 2005
Lib Dems pledge to scrap 'unfair' council tax
The Liberal Democrats have vowed to scrap the "unfair" council tax, on the 15th anniversary of the poll tax riots. The party said that the council tax should be replaced with a local income tax, based on the ability to pay.
20 April 2005
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The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have both unveiled plans to tackle council tax. The Conservatives have pledged to cancel Labour’s planned revaluation of homes in England for the council tax.
23 June 2003
Disarray in UUP as three MPs resign party whip
The resignation of three of the Ulster Unionist Party's MPs from the parliamentary whip earlier today was quickly follows by calls for party leader David Trimble to change party policy or resign.
18 September 2003
Charity groups demand reform of council tax charges
Help the Aged and The Royal British Legion have joined forces today to demand a reform of council tax and Council Tax Benefit. The two charities say that "annual inflation-busting" increases in council tax "unfairly discriminate" against older people, whose incomes tend to be fixed or linked to inflation.