More People Accept NHS Health Check

More people than ever before are accepting the offer to attend an NHS Health Check according to new figures from Public Health England (PHE).

The figures, published today, show that in the last year over 1.3 million people have accepted the offer which aims to identify those at risk of serious, but potentially avoidable conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Out of the eligible population, 2,824,726 people across all 152 local authorities in England were offered, and 1,382,864 people have had, an NHS Health Check between April 2013 and April 2014, a 9.5% increase compared to the previous year.

This is the largest number of appointments offered and received since the programme started in April 2009, being the first annual results since local authorities took on responsibility for the programme in April 2013.

Professor Kevin Fenton, Director of Health and Wellbeing at PHE, said: "It's extremely encouraging to see more people than ever before are taking up the offer, but we want to do better. With such a huge burden of disease associated with potentially avoidable conditions such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes, the NHS Health Check presents a real opportunity for individuals to take steps earlier, and through modifications in behaviour and lifestyle, reduce their risk.

"The success of the programme this year is testament to the dedicated collaborative work of local authorities and the NHS. In order to maximise the benefits to public health it is essential that we continue increasing the impact of the programme.

"There are still variations across England in the number of people taking up this offer and we will continue to work with, and support, local action, ensuring the programme is accessible and benefiting those that need it across the country."

Public Health Minister, Jane Ellison said: "I am delighted to see more people than ever taking up the offer of a free NHS Health Check. These checks have a major part to play in early prevention of disease, and are an important step for many people towards improving their health and becoming more aware of how they can lead a healthier life.

"I urge everyone who is offered an NHS Health Check to take up the offer."


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