Over 27,000 Buy New Home Using Help To Buy Scheme

New data shows that more than 27,000 people across the country have bought a new home through the Help to Buy scheme.

New stats show how the Help to Buy is opening up home ownership to thousands and supporting the government’s long term plan to help hardworking people secure a better future for their families.

In total 27,861 households have been helped by the scheme, which continues to overwhelmingly benefit first-time buyers, with the vast majority of sales outside of London and at prices well below the national average.

Help to Buy is also helping to increase housing supply, with the scheme driving demand for new-build homes. 74% of the homes bought through Help to Buy are new-build properties and we are seeing encouraging progress in the number of homes being built. Private house building is up 34% since the launch of Help to Buy and leading builders credit the scheme for reinvigorating the house building industry and boosting housing supply.

The Prime Minister said: "As Britons, home ownership is in our blood - it’s about aspiration, planning for the future and laying down roots.

"But we inherited a situation where for many people, buying a home seemed all but impossible - people who worked hard, had good jobs and could afford the monthly mortgage payments, but didn’t have the large deposit needed up front. For those without rich parents, the dream of home ownership remained just that: a dream. That is why we brought in Help to Buy.

"Today, Help to Buy has helped thousands of hardworking people to buy a new home and crucially it is helping to increase the number of new homes being built around the country."


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02 September 2015
Scottish Govt Confirms New Help-To-Buy Scheme
The Scottish Government has confirmed it will invest £195m over the next three years on a new shared equity scheme. The project will help some 6,500 households to purchase a new-build home.
23 July 2013
Second Home Buyers Excluded From Help To Buy Scheme
The second stage of the Help to Buy scheme will be closed to second home buyers, George Osbourne has said. The Help to Buy scheme was launched four months ago to provide equity loans to people to help buy new homes. The second stage of the scheme is due to begin next January, with buyers needing just a 5% deposit to buy a home.
20 September 2006
Home ownership help announced for military personnel
Armed forces personnel are to receive help to buy their own homes, under new plans announced by the government. Up to 10,000 members of the Armed Forces and their families currently living in service housing in London, the South East and the East, will receive assistance to help them get a first step onto the housing ladder.
11 November 2013
Over 2,000 People Use 'Help To Buy' Scheme
More than 2,000 people have put in offers on homes under the Help to Buy scheme, totalling £365 million of new mortgage lending. The applications are backed by a 'decision in principle' by RBS and Lloyds, the first two participating banks, for 95 per cent mortgages. Ten of the 2,384 applications have already completed.
27 September 2013
BoE Asked To Review 'Help To Buy' Scheme Earlier
The Bank of England has been asked to undertake a bigger role in Chancellor George Osborne's 'Help to Buy' housing scheme, with their Financial Policy Committee (FPC) committed to carrying out an annual review, beginning next September. This is a change to an original proposal, which would have seen the FPC assess the scheme after three years.