Inflation Rises In October - ONS

New figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed the UK's inflation rate rose to 1.3% in October, up 0.1% on September.

The rate, measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), brings inflation up from a five-year low.

The increase is due to strong prices in the transport, recreation and culture sectors, according to the ONS.

The increase in inflation is not expected to have any impact on interest rates, with the Bank of England's target for inflation set at 2%.


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13 August 2007
House Prices Rise By 12% In June
UK annual house price inflation in June 2007 was 12.1%, up from 10.8% in May 2007. Annual house price inflation in London was 17.5% in June, up from 14.3% in May. The UK annual house price inflation rate for the 3 months to June was 11.3% and 15.1% in London. The UK house price inflation rate rose from 10.8% in May 2007 to 12.1% in June 2007.
19 April 2005
ONS reports inflation rate rise
The rate of inflation in the UK rose to 1.9% last month, a jump from 1.6% in February, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has reported. The ONS said that the rate had risen because of stronger price increases for transport, food, furniture and clothing.
12 September 2005
House price rise slowdown continues
Annual house price inflation in July was 4%, down from 5% in June according to figures released today by the Deputy Prime Minister's office. This drop in the growth of house prices pushed the annual house price inflation in London down to 0.9% in July 2005, a fall from the from 1.7% figure in June 2005.
13 June 2005
House price inflation declines
Annual house price inflation dropped to 6.9% in April, a sharp fall from 12.6% in March, according to the latest figures from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM). The ODPM also reported a fall in mix-adjusted prices of 0.8% between March and April, which contrasted sharply with the 4.5% rise during the same period in 2004.
14 February 2005
Drop in house prices reported over Christmas period
The latest government figures have shown that overall UK house prices fell in December last year by 0.7%, compared to a 2% rise in the same period last year. Figures published by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, showed that UK annual house price inflation in December 2004 was 10.7%, a drop from 13.7% in November.