Childcare Costs Forcing Parents To Give Up Work

One in five parents with childcare costs will reduce the amount of hours they work, or will consider giving up work altogether, in 2015.

The national survey of 1,000 parents of children aged between 0-16, commissioned by 4Children and carried out by Opinium, found that of those parents paying for childcare, almost a fifth are considering reducing their hours at work or giving up their job altogether because of the financial strain.

While more than a quarter (28%) of the same parents will be cutting back on treats in order to meet high childcare costs, 16% admit they will have to cut back on essentials over the next 12 months.

4Children Chief Executive, Anne Longfield OBE, said: "Childcare represents a huge financial challenge for most parents and our poll shows the real impact costs are having on family life – from giving up work to cutting back on essentials.

"Removing parents' choice as to whether or not they continue to work after having children is not the answer for families or for the economy.

"Parents of the youngest children are feeling the pressures most acutely and are calling on politicians to do more to help, particularly with the cost of childcare."


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07 September 2011
Childcare Costs Force Poor Out Of Work
Families on low-incomes across the UK are having to turn down jobs or are considering leaving work because they can't afford to pay for childcare. New research from Save the Children and Daycare Trust also found that parents, regardless of income, say that they can't afford not to work, but struggle to pay for childcare.
11 February 2010
Boost For Lone Parent Job Seekers
Thousands of lone parents will get extra help to attain training and work experience while their children are at nursery school, the Government announced today. Those who work less than 16 hours a week will also be able to keep £50 of their wages before losing any benefits, Work Secretary Yvette Cooper said.
17 February 2015
Plans Announced To Make Young People Work For Benefits
The Prime Minister has announced a proposal for 18 to 21-year-olds claiming benefits to do daily work experience. The proposed reform, known as Community Work Programme, would see young people not in work, education or training, required to complete daily work experience, alongside continuing to look for work in order to qualify for benefits.
11 November 2004
Labour and Tories present childcare plans
With the party machines gearing up for the general election, both the government and the Opposition have today been courting working families with the launch of their respective proposals for childcare provision.
06 March 2013
Childcare Costs Rocket Above Inflation Rate
The Daycare Trust and the Family and Parenting Institute's Childcare Costs Survey 2013, shows nursery, childminder and after-school club costs all rising at more than 6%,more than double the inflation rate (2.7%). Increases across the country put this everyday necessity into the luxury bracket.