Labour Pledge To Cut Tuition Fees To £6,000

Labour has pledged to cut tuition fees in England to £6,000 if it wins the next General Election.

Announcing the pledge, party leader Ed Miliband, said the change would be paid for by reducing tax relief on the pensions of people earning more than £150,000 a year.

In a speech in Leeds, Mr Miliband said the rising level of student debt is a "disaster". He added that reducing tuition fees would save taxpayers some £40bn by 2030.

He also promised to increase non-repayable maintenance grants by £400 per year to cover students' living costs – a payment available to students who's parent earn less than £42,000 combined.

It is understood Mr Miliband will release more information on his vision for cutting tuition fees while also avoiding universities losing income.


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