Building Begins On National Grid's New T-Pylon

Development of the National Grid's new T-pylon has started at the new training academy.

The building of the training line of pylons will be the first opportunity to see the new design in the landscape.

The T-pylon was the winner of an international design competition to look for a 21st century design to carry high voltage overhead lines. The winning design from Bystrup, the Danish architects and engineering company, is 35 metres high – up to one third lower than the conventional steel lattice pylon.

A span of six of the new T-pylons will be built at the Eakring training academy in Nottinghamshire. The different pylons all have a different function.

David Wright, Director of Electricity Transmission Asset Management at National Grid said: "We've been able to answer yes to the hundreds questions that need to be asked before we can introduce a new type of pylon. The training line has enabled us to learn so many lessons about how to manufacture and build the T-pylon. I'm incredibly proud of the high standard of engineering that brought us to this point.

"We developed the new style of pylon so that we could have a 21st century design to offer as we plan new transmission routes. The T-pylon is not a replacement for the steel lattice pylon but it’s a new option and in some landscapes its shorter height and sleeker appearance can offer real advantages."

The ground works, foundations and erection of the T-pylon at Eakring have been carried out by Balfour Beatty.


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