British contingent sent to join forces in Basra

At the weekend, 120 soldiers in Cyprus - from the Second Battalion of The Lght Infantry - were sent to Basra from RAF Akrotiri.

As was widely anticpated Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has announced today that 2,200 British troops will be sent to Iraq to bolster military operations there, following a review of security operations in Iraq.

Daily attacks on coalition troops have continued unabated since the cessation of the primary military phase of operation in May.

Recent civil unrest is thought to have followed on from an inability of coalition forces to restore essential services in Iraq.

The US administration has let it be known that many of those thought to be involved in the continuing guerrilla-style resistance in Iraq are from outside the country and consider the action to be a “last stand” by desperate terrorist factions.

It is reported that two anti-aircraft missiles were fired at a US transport plane departing from Baghdad airport.

On Saturday, the US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld, who visited Iraq at the weekend, spoke of the "wonderful start" to reconstructing Iraq.


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25 June 2003
Bodies of Military Police recovered from Iraqi town
The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the bodies of six members of the Royal Military Patrol killed yesterday have been recovered from the town of Al Majar al Kabir in Iraq.
23 February 2007
More British troops to be sent to Afghanistan
More than 1,000 extra British troops are to be sent to Afghanistan, it has been reported. Defence Secretary Des Browne is expected to announce details of the new deployment to the House of Commons on Monday. There are currently 5,600 British troops in Afghanistan, as part of Nato's 35,000-strong International Security Assistance.
05 September 2003
‘Urgent review’ of UK troops for Iraq underway
An urgent review of British troop numbers in Iraq is being carried out as the UK considers sending more troops in, as attacks on coalition forces continue. This morning, Conservative Shadow defence secretary Bernard Jenkin said Britain would have to “bite the bullet” even though resources were overstretched following the campaign in Iraq.
19 July 2004
British soldier dies in Basrah helicopter crash
A British soldier has died after an RAF helicopter crashed in southern Iraq today. The MoD confirmed that the soldier was killed in "an accident" involving an RAF Puma helicopter at Basrah International Airport. Two other British military personnel were injured during the incident.
08 September 2003
Britain to send 2,200 extra troops to Iraq
Government sources have confirmed that Britain is to send 1,200 more troops to Iraq within the next few days and a further 1,000 over the next few weeks to support coalition operations. The soldiers initially tasked to Iraq will be from the 2nd Battalion of The Light Infantry and the 1st Battalion of The Royal Green Jackets.